White Fillings

  • White fillings present an aesthetically-pleasing option to patients who want to treat tooth decay and restore damaged teeth.
  • The process of placing white fillings begins with a dental assessment, where your dentist will pinpoint which areas may need filling.
  • Depending on the size of restoration, white fillings may not always be a viable option, with crowns or inlays potentially better suited to your teeth.
  • The procedure for fillings isn't a long, drawn out treatment, with white fillings built up directly from your mouth.
  • The white composite substance use to create the filling is applied to your tooth in layers, with each layer hardened with a special light.
  • The length of the procedure depends on the size and location of the cavity, with the larger the size the longer it will take, though usually this can be placed within an hour.
  • Once the process is finished, the composite white filling is then carefully shaped to fit your tooth and then polished.
  • If you have a cavity that needs filling, speak to one of our dental practitioners today about your treatment options.
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