Dental Veneers: Is It Worth the Cost?

Dental Veneers: Is It Worth the Cost?

If your teeth are chipped, crooked or discoloured, veneers offer a great way to quickly make a difference. However, your shiny new look won’t come for free. If you’re considering getting dental veneers, you are essentially investing in a more attractive smile. The question is whether you can justify the cost? Will veneers offer you any other oral health benefits or will the expense leave you frowning instead of smiling?

What Are Dental Veneers? 

Dental veneers are essentially thin shells that cover the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. They are custom-made from either composite resin or porcelain to be the perfect size and colour. While they can be used to treat a single damaged tooth, they can also be used across many teeth to make them appear more even and symmetrical. 

Dental veneers are placed by first removing a small amount of enamel from the front surface of the tooth. This is done to create a snug fit and to ensure that the veneers form a strong and long-lasting bond. While this doesn’t damage the tooth, it does make the procedure a permanent decision and, therefore, a permanent investment. 

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers offer a simple way to fix minor cosmetic issues such as chipped, crooked or misaligned teeth. As well as straightening and brightening your smile, the cosmetic procedure offers several benefits:

  • Long-lasting – with good oral hygiene and proper care, porcelain veneers can last as long as 15 years, making them a long-term investment. 
  • Stain-resistant – porcelain is a highly glazed glass that doesn’t collect stains and plaque build-up like tooth enamel. This means the colour won’t change over time, giving you a permanent teeth-whitening solution. 
  • Natural-looking – porcelain veneers are custom-made to match your existing teeth, giving you a perfectly natural-looking smile. 

While mainly a cosmetic treatment, veneers can replace damaged enamel that has been worn down by eating and drinking. This offers ongoing protection to your underlying natural tooth. However, it’s worth noting that while dental veneers can resolve issues with chipped, crooked or discoloured teeth, they can’t solve all dental issues that have caused the cosmetic issue. 

What Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

When it comes to veneers, the cost varies depending on the skill and experience of your dentist and the complexity of your case. On average, composite-resin veneers cost around $850 per tooth. However, the more durable, stain-resistant porcelain veneers will cost closer to $1900 per tooth. The overall cost, however, is going to depend greatly on how many veneers you need to achieve the desired result. 

An important thing to bear in mind when considering the cost of veneers is the quality of your treatment. While it may cost more to have veneers fitted with an experienced cosmetic dentist in Wollongong, you will have more confidence in the results. A cosmetic specialist will be able to give you the best advice and ensure that veneers are the most suitable treatment option to give you the look you want and protect your oral health. Whether you just need to cover up one unsightly tooth or whether you’re looking for a full smile makeover, veneers offer a great solution. However, there are other treatments that can be used in Fairy Meadow, such as teeth whitening, that may also be  able to help you achieve your goals. 

Can You Afford Dental Veneers?

Whether you can justify the cost of dental veneers is a very personal decision. They most certainly offer significant benefits, quickly improving the appearance of your teeth, boosting your confidence and giving you long-lasting, stain-resistant results. While definitely an investment, the cost of veneers can appear small compared to the cost of living with a smile you’re not happy with. What’s more, with proper care, your veneers may well outlive many other investments you make in your lifetime. Now surely that’s something to smile about?