Ambience Oral Therapy Scheme

We are pleased to inform our patients that we have initiated a comprehensive preventative services programme that provides at your initial appointment; an examination, prophylactic scale and clean, fluoride and all relevant x-rays.
A no gap treatment cannot be undertaken without some form of compromise to the service. We are aware that such gap free services exist at other practices but we are very confident that these practices cannot deliver the same quality and care provided at Ambience.
In addition, we allocate considerable time for our services that again is not matched by other Gap free Practices.
Ambience Dental will not compromise the treatment and care we deliver to our valued patients.

General Dentistry at Ambience Dental

Ambience Dental is a family-friendly dental practice in the Illawarra region that has been welcoming patients from Fairy Meadow, Figtree, Dapto and Wollongong for many years. More than just a standard dental practice, however, our highly experienced team can provide a range of advanced treatments in our state-of-the-art facilities. So, whether you need a routine check-up, to improve your oral hygiene or to stop gum disease in its tracks, we’ve got you covered.

At Ambience Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience, which is why our first priority is putting you at ease. This starts with the setting, a calm, clean, purpose-built practice, with a whole wing dedicated to sedation dentistry to help our most anxious patients. What sets us apart, however, are our people. Led by three highly qualified dental surgeons, the whole team is passionate about not only putting a smile on your face, but ensuring it stays there.

First Visit

Visiting the dentist can be daunting, especially if it is your first time at a new practice. At Ambience Dental, we are passionate about providing a caring environment, and do everything we can to keep you at ease from the moment you walk through the door. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly reception team. They will ensure you are signed in, will answer any immediate questions you have and will make sure you have all the forms you need.

We’ll need to have details of your medical and dental history to make sure we offer you the best possible care. What happens next depends on the reason for your first visit. However, whether you’re visiting for a routine check-up or in an emergency, our experienced team will make sure they do everything they can to make you comfortable while they work on putting a smile back on your face.

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Your Routine Dental Check-Up

While we all know that we should visit the dentist regularly for routine check-ups, many of us find reasons not to. However, it shouldn’t have to be that way. At Ambience Dental, we make sure that our dental check-up service is affordable and accessible. So, whether you need help getting the right health fund in place or support with anxiety, we’re there to support you. When you come in for your check-up, we’ll examine your teeth, gums and jaw, take x-rays, if required, and thoroughly clean your teeth.

Not only does that mean that you’ll leave with a sparkling smile, but it will help you protect your long-term oral health. During our examination, we’ll be able to detect any issues before they progress, plan any necessary preventative measures and give you the best possible advice. So, by booking regular dental check-ups, you can keep your health in check.

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Oral Hygiene

Our oral hygiene forms a vital part of our general health. Not only do healthy teeth and gums improve our smiles and help us to talk and speak normally, but they protect us from more serious illnesses. Cavities and tooth decay may be fairly common, but, if left untreated, they can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. And, these conditions can have a serious impact on our self-esteem, affecting how we look and feel.

Worse still, gum disease can increase our chances of developing heart disease and respiratory infections and worsen conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to do everything you can to maintain good oral hygiene. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth properly, eat a healthy diet and visit the dentist regularly, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a healthier future.

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Gum Disease

If you neglect your oral health and let bacteria build up in your mouth, it can lead to serious health problems. While the build-up will start as dental plaque, it can lead to gingivitis and then gum disease. Gum disease is an inflammatory infection that attacks the supporting structures of your teeth, including your gums and jaw bone. As small gaps begin to form between your gums, your teeth can become loose and then eventually fall out.

If that happens, it is going to seriously knock your confidence, and you will need to consider dentures or dental implants to get you back on track. That’s why, as with any health condition, prevention is always better than cure. By visiting the dentist regularly, we can check for any early signs of gum disease and make sure we stop it in its tracks before your health suffers.

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White Fillings

When it comes to our oral health, all of us will need a filling from time to time to repair a cavity in our teeth. Fortunately, white fillings provide a convenient and attractive solution. While silver fillings were traditionally used, white fillings are almost invisible, require less tooth to be removed and form a tighter seal. If you need a filling, you’ll first need to have an assessment with the dentist. This will allow us to determine whether a white filling will be suitable to repair the cavity.

If a white filling is viable, the procedure is relatively quick and will be built up directly in your mouth. Within around an hour, you will have a well-fitted perfectly-shaped restoration, that will be entirely unnoticeable. What that means is that you can smile, talk and eat as usual, while protecting your teeth from further damage.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

When our third molars, our wisdom teeth, appear in the back of our mouths in early adulthood, they often don’t have the space they need to grow properly. Unfortunately, if they come through at an unusual angle or can’t fully emerge, they can cause us some serious discomfort. And, left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause infection, decay and abscesses. Fortunately, wisdom tooth removal is a simple procedure that can quickly resolve the problem.

We’ll ensure you are relaxed and anaesthetised, so, while you may feel some pressure, the procedure will be pain-free. And, after the tooth has been removed, while you may experience a little discomfort, within a few short days, you’ll be back to normal. We should spot any problems with emerging wisdom teeth at your regular dental check-ups, but if they cause you any pain in between, make sure to book an appointment.

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Root Canal

When teeth become severely infected, bacteria can get through the enamel and attack the pulp of the tooth in the root canal. This is where the nerve tissues are, which can cause pain and sensitivity. Unfortunately, when this happens, while the infection can be treated with antibiotics, it isn’t possible to prevent further decay with a standard filling. However, while the only option used to be tooth extraction, it is now possible to save the tooth by filling the root.

Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp, rinsing and disinfecting the area and filling and sealing the root to prevent further discomfort and infection. While the tooth isn’t technically alive after root canal treatment, the procedure enables us to retain its functionality, durability and appearance. As root canal treatment is the only way to save your natural teeth once the root is infected, it’s now a common and effective treatment.

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Anxious Patients

Going to the dentist is a daunting prospect for many of us, especially when it comes to complicated procedures. However, it’s vital that we don’t let it stand in the way of us getting the treatment we need. At Ambience Dental, we do everything we can to put our patients at ease. This starts with getting to know you and the cause of your anxiety so we can work out how to help. As well as talking therapy and distraction techniques, we can also provide various types of anaesthesia that can alleviate stress and anxiety.

In fact, we have our own dedicated IV sedation unit so you can remain conscious but in a dream-like state during your treatment. With a specialist anaesthetist on hand throughout, your comfort and safety are guaranteed, which means you can relax while we get down to the business of restoring your smile..

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When it comes to sports, especially those that are high-impact, facial injuries are, unfortunately, fairly common. And, whether it’s a cut lip, injured jaw or a missing tooth, it’s definitely going to be something you could do without. So, it stands to reason that having the right protective equipment is vital. Mouthguards work by covering up the upper teeth and providing a cushion for any impact that occurs. While you can choose ready-made solutions, by having a mouthguard custom-fitted at the dentist, you can ensure that it perfectly fits the shape of your jaw and mouth to offer maximum protection

So, if you play sports, the best thing to do is to book a consultation with us to find out if a mouthguard can help. We’ll talk through the risks, explain how a mouthguard could protect you and ensure your new kit is specifically tailored to your needs.

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Payment Plans

While we all know that our dental health is important, when we are faced with the prospect of investing our hard-earned cash, it can stand in the way of us getting the treatment we need. What is important to remember, of course, is that by avoiding treatment, problems will only worsen, and that will likely make them more expensive to fix in the long run. At Ambience Dental, we are dedicated to making treatment available to everyone.

To help our patients manage the costs, we accept all health funds, provide gap-free routine dental appointments and offer a variety of payment plans. This means that you can get the treatment you need straight away, and then manage the costs over affordable monthly payments, often without having to pay any interest. Talk through your options with our team and make sure cost never stands in the way of your oral health.

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