New Patient Offer

Exclusive Patient Offers at Ambience Dental

Who doesn’t love a good deal and value for money? High-quality dental treatment should be no different. At Ambience Dental, we do everything we can to make dental treatments as accessible and affordable as possible. To achieve this, we have a variety of patient offers, which can help you get a dental check-up, dental implant assessment or even teeth whitening at a discounted price.

Gap-Free Check-Up and Clean

Our gap-free check-up and clean is available to all patients who have a suitable health fund. Sometimes, when you need treatment, the cost is higher than the amount your health fund will pay. This is where the ‘gap’ comes in; elsewhere you may have to fork out for the difference in cost between your treatment and the insurance rebate received by the practice. Our gap-free policy meant that if your private health insurance policy pays a full benefit for general and preventive dental treatment, you won’t ever have to pay the difference.

Our gap-free comprehensive oral hygiene visit includes

Our comprehensive oral hygiene visit ensures your teeth are fully examined, your oral health fully assessed and that you walk out sparkly clean. The appointment is valued at $450, which will all be covered for those with health funds that pay a full benefit. For non-health fund members, you don’t need to worry about escalating costs either, the cost of our check-up and clean is capped at $220.

$200 Off Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening

We all dream of having the perfect smile, and that usually includes having a set of pearly white teeth that sparkle. Unfortunately, over time, our teeth become discoloured and lose the brightness they once had. That doesn’t have to be a permanent change though, teeth whitening can brighten your smile by carefully bleaching them and restoring their former shine.

If you’d like to have whiter teeth, you can take advantage of Zoom professional teeth-whitening at Ambience Dental. We have two great offers to choose from:

  1. In-chair teeth whitening – $799 (valued at $999)
  2. At-home teeth whitening – $399 (valued at $599).

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get great results at an even greater price. Now, that’s something to smile about..