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An Honest Guide To All On 4 Cost

If you’re considering All on 4 implants to replace damaged or missing teeth and restore your smile, cost will undoubtedly be an important factor. After all, while the innovative procedure is extremely effective, it is a significant investment in your oral health. However, before you compare overall costs, it’s vital that you know what influences those costs of a dental implants procedure.

When it comes to All on 4 implants cost, not all dentists and materials are created equal. It can be easy to assume that licenced dentists will have all the necessary qualifications. However, with an advanced procedure like All on 4, that isn’t quite the case. When considering how much does All on 4 cost, you need to know that your dentist is not only fully licensed but that they have the right level of education, the right amount of experience and that they will use the right materials.

What To Consider When Choosing An All On 4 Dentist

As we’ve touched on, when it comes to the price of All on 4, the quote you receive will be dependent on a variety of factors. Every patient is unique and so the cost will be based on your individual needs, but it also comes down to the dentist you choose. If you’re deciding between different dentists, investing time ensuring they can give you the best quality treatment will save you time and money down the road. There are three key questions that you should ask:

1. What Materials Do They Use?

When it comes to the quality and durability of implants, you will want to have branded implants from reputable manufacturers. Quality implants are much less likely to fail, thereby helping you avoid future costs. You will also want to ensure that your final replacement teeth are high quality and adhere to Australian consumer safety regulations. Inferior materials used by low cost All on 4 providers and overseas laboratories can lead to broken replacement teeth and implants, discolouration and complications with size, fit and long term stability. With well-established and respected companies, you’re investing in years of research, which means you’re getting the best quality materials for your money.

When consulting an All on 4 dentist, ask who manufacturers their implants and final replacement teeth and where they are produced. You can also look for a guarantee from your implant dentist. A reputable All on 4 dentist should be able to reassure you that your implants will stand the test of time if you look after them. Moreover, they will be able to provide you with advice and guidance to help you maintain the best possible oral hygiene routine.

2. Are They Committed To Ongoing Education?

While all dentists will have gone to a dental school, that doesn’t mean they know all the latest techniques and advancements when it comes to All on 4 implants. This is especially relevant with a procedure that involves ever-changing technology. To ensure their skill set is current, ongoing education is fundamental.

When choosing an All on 4 dentist, make sure to ask about their qualifications. They should be able to show you that they attend regular hands-on courses with reputable institutions. By demonstrating that they are committed to continually learning, you can have the confidence that All on 4 is more than an additional service at their clinic.

3. How Much Experience Do They Have?

While qualifications and training are vital, there is an enormous amount of skill involved in implant dentistry that can only be learned by actually performing the procedure. You may like the sound and the price-point of a general family dentist who places occasional implants. However, the quality of the treatment you’ll receive won’t be equal to that of an experienced implant dentist who has dedicated their career to performing implant procedures. The number of years of experience a dentist has, is a key factor in the success rates of implants. And the experience your dentist has, needs to not only be in implant surgery, but in cosmetic dentistry. After all, while you’ll want your new set of teeth to be fully functioning, you’ll also want a winning smile.

When looking for an All on 4 dentist, ask how long they’ve been practising implant dentistry, how many implants they place each year and how many implant patients they’ve treated. An experienced All on 4 dentist will be more than happy to show you their proven track record.

The Risks Of Having Overseas Treatment

Medical tourism has become increasingly popular and may well be a tempting prospect if you’re considering the cost of All on 4 treatment. The idea of getting work done while on holiday and making your money stretch a bit further sounds like a good one on the surface. However, while it is possible to find good overseas clinics, there is more to consider than the price tag. Before you book your flight, you’ll also need to think about the whole duration of the treatment:


before the implant placement, you’ll need an initial consultation. This is where images and scans are taken of your teeth, gums and jaw and a detailed treatment plan is put together. Without this step, you won’t know whether you are a viable candidate. What’s more, this stage will highlight whether any preliminary procedures are required.


you’ll need to check that any dentist you choose, at home or abroad, has the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver the All on 4 procedures. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that the dentist uses the best quality materials.


after you’ve had treatment, you’ll need follow-up appointments. While you might be able to have these with your local dentist, you’ll need to account for the cost and ensure that it will give you the right continuity of care. And, finally, what do you do if something goes wrong? If there are complications and you have to fly back and forth for repair work, any cost-saving will soon be lost.

What Can Go Wrong With The Procedure?

As All on 4 is a surgical procedure, it does come with certain risks. There is a high success rate, but some implants ultimately do fail. Issues can occur if the bite is incorrectly adjusted, leading to a painful jaw and headaches. Meanwhile, If the implant isn’t currently aligned, teeth can look unnatural and gums can recede. And there is also a chance of nerve damage, sinus issues and loose implants that fracture.

However, while all the potential complications may sound daunting, they are usually caused by one of the following factors:

General Health

your health has a huge impact on any dental procedure or surgery, and All on 4 is no different. If you have diabetes, smoke or have bad oral hygiene, you will be far more likely to suffer from infection and inflammation.

Oral Hygiene

once your implants have been placed, it is up to you to look after them. While that will involve follow-up visits with your All on 4 dentist, you’ll also need to make sure you adhere to post-procedure care instructions to ensure proper healing and recovery.

Dentist’s Proficiency

it takes years to master the skills of treatment planning, perfecting the bite, aligning implants and ensuring a natural-looking smile. This makes the skill and expertise of your dentist fundamental to reducing the risks of treatment.

The majority of risks associated with the All on 4 procedure can be mitigated by choosing an experienced dentist with a surgical and cosmetic skillset, taking account of your medical history and lifestyle choice and committing to the recommended aftercare.

Managing The Cost Of All On 4

If you’ve asked how much All on 4 costs, you might not have got a clear answer. As we’ve discussed, prices will be dependent on the skill of your dentist and the quality of the materials used. Moreover, every patient is different, which makes like-for-like comparisons very difficult. However, to give you an approximate gauge, All on 4 procedure prices start at around $25,000, with single implants starting at around $5,000. This makes the treatment a significant investment in your future smile. However, putting cost ahead of your dental health isn’t always an economical choice as the cost of treatment and severity of issues will only grow with time.

Fortunately, when it comes to managing the cost, All on 4 payment plans can make all the difference. Instead of paying a lump sum upfront, the following finance options can help to make the cost much more manageable:


a payment plan offering a line of credit for larger amounts up to $30,000 with no deposit needed and an interest-free period of up to three months.


you may be able to fund your All on 4 treatment by using your superannuation on compassionate grounds.

Can You Put A Price On Good Oral Health?

All on 4 is a significant investment. However, it is also a highly successful treatment option to replace missing or damaged teeth. Wherever you go for All on 4 implants, you’ll be getting four dental implants to hold a full arch of replacement teeth. But it isn’t as simple as that. By taking into account the factors that influence the cost of All on 4, not only can you ensure a more comfortable treatment, but you can have confidence in the results, a natural-looking and long-lasting smile.

When it comes to the cost of All on 4, remember not to put a price on your oral health. By investing now and not compromising, you are going to save in the long run.

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