Teeth Whitening Wollongong

teeth whitening
(in chair & take home)

If your stained teeth bother you, our practice offers a dental procedure that could help to restore them to their former glory.

Beverages such as tea, coffee and wine are known to stain teeth, however there are several tooth whitening procedures on hand to aid the removal of stains and discolouration and to improve teeth colour.

Take home kit

After your initial tooth whitening consultation and assessment at our Fairy Meadow clinic, your dentist may provide you with a tailor-made home whitening kit.

An impression of your teeth is taken, where your dentist will then proceed to create a custom moulded tray. A special solution will be made to suit the level of whitening required, with your dentist advising you how to use the kit.

It should be advised that a take home kit is to only be prepared by a qualified dentist, as the whitening process can be dangerous if the chemicals used are not properly administered.

In chair whitening

This tooth whitening procedure takes place in the dental chair over an intensive one hour treatment.

Patented technologies in the form of a bright light are used in combination with a special solution to help whiten teeth.

It’s important that you see your Wollongong dentist before considering getting your teeth whitened, as the procedure doesn’t work for everyone – so book your appointment today!

At Ambience Dental we understand that patients may experience feelings of nervousness or anxiousness when visiting the dentist and we aim to make you feel most at ease. To find out more about the various forms of treatments we offer for anxious patients, please click here.