Your ultimate Smile Make-Over

Let Us Transform Your Smile

If you feel great about your smile, not only does it show on your face, but it can give your confidence a new lease of life too. Whether you need to brighten, straighten or replace your existing teeth, there are a variety of treatments that can help. The trick, however, is choosing the right set of treatments for you. Not only do you want your teeth to function properly, but you want to have the smile you always hoped for. This is where digital smile design comes into its own.

What Is Digital
Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a dental treatment planning tool that puts the power in the hands ofyou, the patient. Your smile is more than a set of teeth; it needs to suit you, to match your personality and the shape of your face. With Digital Smile Design, we’re able to let you choose how your smile will look and make sure that you’ll love the result even before you’ve undergone any treatment.

The Digital Smile Design Process

The Digital Smile Design process is all about using technology and analytical tools to achieve your perfect smile. By carefully analysing how you look now and gaining a thorough understanding of how you’d like to look, we can plan the optimal treatments to achieve just that.

There are three main steps to our smile design process, analysis, preview and treatment:

Step 1

Smile design analysis

We will take high-resolution photographs of what your smile looks like now along with videos of what you look like when you’re talking. Together, we can then review how your face and smile change when you’re at rest and when you move. This part of the process is your opportunity to tell us everything you do and don’t like about your smile. We can then advise as to the best treatments to achieve your dream smile while, of course, ensuring the health and function of your teeth, jaw and gums.

Step 2

Smile preview

The analysis will be used to create a blueprint of your new smile. And, we won’t go ahead with treatment until you’re completely happy. Enhanced digital technology is used to create in-depth drawings of what your smile will look like after treatment. If there is anything you don’t like, we make alterations until you’re fully set on your future smile.

Step 3

Smile treatment

This part of the process will vary for every patient depending on the treatment required to achieve the desired results. However, whether you’re having dental implants, veneers or teeth whitening, you’ll know exactly how you’ll look afterwards.

Once your treatment is complete, we’ll take more photos and videos to show you your amazing new smile. And, we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy to pose for them this time. After all, you already knew exactly how great your new smile would be

Smile-Solving Treatments

Once you’ve designed your smile with the help of our team and some pretty impressive digital technology, it’s time to plan for your treatment. Treatment will vary depending on you and what you’re trying to achieve. The treatments we offer that can make a huge difference to your appearance include:

Dental Implants

Revolutionising replacement tooth, dental implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone to look. function and feel just like your natural teeth. What’s more. they promote bone growth. giving you a much more youthful appearance

Dental Veneers

Chipped. stained or misaligned teeth are a thing of the past with dental veneers The thin shells of porcelain are custom made and attached over the surface of the teeth to create a natural and attractive look

Dental Crowns

Used to either cap a damaged tooth or cover a dental implant, crowns strengthen damaged teeth and replace missing teeth to create a natural replacement that feels and functions like new.

Teeth Whitening

Whether you opt for in-chair or at-home whitening, you’ll be able to make your teeth as bright as they used to be, giving you a set Of pearly whites that you can bo proud of.

Choose Your Dream Smile

With Digital Smile Design, you have the power to design your perfect smile and the confidence that, after treatment, you will have just that.

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