How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

While losing your baby teeth as a child may be fun, when you have to have an adult tooth extracted, it’s anything but. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful, painful or expensive procedure. As is the way with many things in life, preparation is key. And, fortunately, there is plenty you can do ahead of time to make it a lot easier. So, if you need to have a tooth extracted, read on for some steps that you can take to prepare yourself.

Ask Your Wollongong Dentist Questions

Dentists aren’t there to just be listened to, they are also there for you to talk to. If you’ve got any concerns, it’s much better to voice them before the procedure. Your dentist should explain everything fully, so you understand what is going to happen at every step of the way during a tooth extraction. 

Share Your Medical History

If you have a regular Fairy Meadow dentist, they should already have a copy of your medical history. However, if you’re new to a practice, you’ll need to share it with them. Some conditions and medications can make you more susceptible to infections and complications, be sure to tell them everything. 

Decide Which Anaesthesia is Best For You

When you talk to your Wollongong dentist, you’ll also want to discuss anaesthesia. It’s not unusual to feel anxiety when it comes to the dentist, but there are several ways to alleviate those feelings. It may be that talking through the procedure eases your worries, but you could also consider laughing gas or even IV sedation. 

Know the Pre-Procedure Rules

Depending on which anaesthetic you’ll be having for your procedure, you may need to avoid eating. Your dentist will advise how long for, but, usually, it’s around 12 hours. The important thing is, whether you are having IV sedation, a general or local anaesthetic, you should always follow the pre-operative guidelines you’re given. 

Find Affordable Teeth Extractions

It’s much better to work out your finances before the procedure. A professional and caring dental practice will do everything they can to help you afford the treatment you need. Find out if your procedure will be covered by your health fund, your private insurance or whether a payment plan can ease the cost for you. 

Pick Your Wardrobe

Feeling comfortable goes a long way towards relaxing your mind. When going in for your procedure, make sure that you have loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. You’ll also want to take your jewellery off and make sure, if you’ve got long hair, that it is pulled away from your face. 

Organise Your Transportation

If you’ve had anaesthesia for your tooth extraction, then you’re not going to be able to drive afterwards. Even local anaesthesia can affect your reflexes. Make sure you either have a friend or family member to take you home, or you’ve booked a taxi. That way, you’ll know you’ll be home safe and sound in no time. 

Plan Some TLC

When you get home, you may need to rest for a while. So, make sure you have help with childcare and perhaps someone to prepare your dinner. Your Wollongong dentist will recommend eating soft foods, avoiding brushing the site for a few days and taking painkillers for any soreness you may experience. 

Searching for same-day tooth extraction near me can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know what to expect. However, if you take these steps to prepare for your tooth extraction, you’ll feel much more at ease.