Key Factors for Long-Term Success

Key Factors for Long-Term Success

In May 2017, doctors Arun Thangavel and John Saad travelled to Basel, Switzerland to attend the World Symposium 2017.

More than 80 speakers from all over the world converged together to share their expertise on the key factors of long-term success, evidence-based approaches, and the next generation of implant dentistry.

“The event and speakers gave invaluable insights into what is considered state-of-the-art and what is important tomorrow,” said Dr Saad, Principal Dentist at Ambience Dental. “The symposium highlighted that the implants we use are considered by many experts to be the best for long term success.”

The combination of concern for the welfare of patients and scientific rigor is what sets apart good implant dentistry for long-term results. “New technologies are offering better solutions to problems many people have,” explained Dr Saad, “and at Ambience Dental we are guided by the best information and products to offer the best treatment for our patients.”

(Above) Arun & John performing implant surgery together at Wollongong Day Surgery

John Saad

With 32 years of clinical experience, Dr Saad is the Senior Practice Principal and the Head of our clinical team at Ambience Dental. John is passionate about patients being treated in a non-traumatic and compassionate manner with a strong emphasis on patient care. Dr Saad has a particular interest in Implant Surgery and Crown and Bridge work, having completed extensive training under world renowned surgeon Dr Steven Chen and has completed numerous national and international courses in implant surgery and Implant Prosthetics.

Arun Thangavel

Dr Thangavel is a Specialist Prosthodontist who has worked at Ambience Dental for 10 years. A Prosthodontists restore smiles and bites to their natural appearance and optimal function. Dr Thangavel has a caring and compassionate approach to patient treatment, with a focus on comprehensive diagnosis, dedication and attention to detail, and the formulation of an evidence-based treatment plan. Arun’s research into all-ceramic restorative materials won a prestigious research award at the 15th International College of Prosthodontists conference.